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Layla is 2!

Two years old. Our baby girl is 2 years old! These two years have flown by faster than any other time in my life. They have been the most challenging, most exhausting but also the most fulfilling, happiest years of my life. Layla is the first little girl in my life to call me mom (closely followed by her sister who is just 15 months younger). I never believed people when they said you've never felt a love as deep as the love you have for a child but I get it now. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my girls.

Layla is so full of love and she is beginning to test what she can get away with. She is a pretty typical toddler who throws a tantrum for unknown reasons but then once she calms down, will come and hug me. Layla loves to run around, she loves bubbles, loves her sister, helping with laundry, watching her favorite movies on repeat and she loves to dance. Layla loves to entertain and she will do just that once she starts to feel comfortable around you. She loves to make goofy faces and the only thing she loves more than laughing is making others laugh. We call her our little love bug, Layla bug. I took Layla to Lavender Hill Farm in Niles, MI but taking photos of a two year old does prove to be quite challenging. The photos capture her personality well and I threw in a few sweet ones I took of her in our backyard one day while she was playing.

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