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Ally & Ryan + their adorable boys

Earlier this month, I got together with Ally and Ryan for some family photos. She also wanted some new engagement photos since she had to get a replacement ring. She had a family heirloom as her ring before but it needed repaired and it could have damaged the ring further to repair it.

I gained this lovely family when I married my husband. Ally is my husband's cousin and the whole family has always been so kind and loving. I always enjoy when we get to spend time with them. I am REALLY looking forward to shooting their wedding this October! It doesn't happen often, but I can already tell I'll need kleenex for this wedding. I know it'll be a blast and they'll be such wonderful people to spend the day with. I know how much they love to dance, so there will most definitely be lots of photos. These two are genuinely the sweetest and their boys are so much fun to be around. Ally and Ryan have been together a LONG time. I mean, a REALLY LONG time. Ryan got a bunch of "about time" when he proposed to Ally but it never really seemed to bother Ally at all. These two certainly are meant to be. There's no doubt about that.

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