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Oh, I am so embarrassingly far behind on my blog posts! I promise to try to keep up on them a little bit better in the future :D Danielle came to me via my best friend, Amanda. Amanda and I met in college in intro to photography (darkroom photography, no less!) and we have been great friends ever since. Amanda and I have worked together a lot in the past; assisting each other on weddings. She has taken a step back to focus on her life and school work so when Danielle asked her for photos, Amanda referred her to me. Thanks, Amanda!!! We had been trying for months to get together. You know how it happens, life gets in the way and photos get pushed back and then finally we were able to get together - on MOTHER'S DAY! What a perfect day for a momma to get photos done with her two girls. Danielle is SUPER sweet. I feel a strong connection to her because we are both girl moms <3 Her youngest was not feeling well that day but she hung in so well. There were some tears and I know often times, taking photos is not most kids or a teenagers favorite thing to do. Danielle and her girls are beautiful and I am so happy she hired me to do their family photos. I hope to get the opportunity to work with them in the future because I love watching families grow! Danielle, you are a beautiful and loving momma. Those girls are so lucky to have you and I know you feel lucky to have them, too!

#family #SouthBendPhotographer #ShiojiriGarden

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