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Solis {Family}

I'm working so hard to get caught up on my blog posts. I hate to make excuses but it's been crazy busy! Working part time at the bank, running my business on the side when I'm not taking care of my two littles under two...and of course keeping the love alive with my husband. I love being busy though and my favorite kind of busy is family life and photography life.

Nikki and Isa <3 I love this family. Nikki and Isa hired me for the first time back in 2016 to photograph them for their engagement and wedding. They took a chance on me and I am forever grateful because that was a big step towards my inevitable leap into starting my own business. Nikki and I went to high school together and shared the same best friend. I feel like Nikki and I have a newfound friendship and I genuinely hope we can get together more often and get our kids together. I feel like I'm with family when I am with them. They were supportive of my photography and encouraged my business before I even knew I had one.

Their kids are seriously the absolute cutest. They made me work for the photos, for sure, but I love it. I'm in the throws of the same life right now (Although I do have one less kid than them).

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