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Ask Me Friday

Once again, I'm posting this blog so much later than it actually happened! I'm good friends with the bassist in this band called Ask Me Friday. He said his band wanted some photos (group photos as well as some while they were playing live). This is a bit out of my comfort zone since I primarily photograph families, couples and weddings but I was thrilled to be able to do this session. I love live music and it's even better when I get to photograph it! I even got to bring my husband along with me! They do some really awesome covers and if you see that they're going to be somewhere, you should definitely check them out! These guys are all great and were just a blast to hang out with. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing them again in the near future and wish them all the success that they wish for. Joe, Jason, Mike and Jeff: thanks for the great memory!

#localband #southwestmichigan #coverband #livemusic #bandphotography

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