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Jess & Adam {Save the Date}

Ah, Jess & Adam! Well, you might recognize these faces as I did some family Christmas photos for them back in December. They met when they were both working at Lowe's and now they're getting hitched! These two are great. I always enjoy getting together with them and I'm always doubling over in laughter when I'm with them. They like to pick on each other, but it's pretty clear they're so in love <3 Adam was SUCH a great sport with the photos...especially towards the end. He was really getting in to it! This was my first time at Love Creek Nature Center and it was so beautiful. I would love to do some more sessions here!

I'm also photographing Jess & Adam's wedding in October, so be on the look out! I'm really looking forward to their big day. I know it'll be a great wedding to be a part of.


#engagementphotos #love #savethedate #hunting #SouthBendPhotographer

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