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Lauren & Ted {Engaged}

It's now been a few weeks since I got together with Lauren and Ted for their engagement photos. We met up at St. Patrick's Park in South Bend, IN just a week after a "500 year flood" so the grass was super wet and some areas were still quite flooded over. Otherwise, it was a beautiful but chilly day. These two are such a beautiful couple. They giggled and joked around the whole time and the way Ted looks at Lauren - all the heart eye emojis! Am I right?!?!? AND the ring?! OH so gorgeous!

Lauren and Ted met at Meridian where they worked together for a while before they started dating. Working in close quarters helped them get to know each other well fast. Ted has moved on to St. Joe High where he is the Tuition Specialist and also football coach while Lauren is still with Meridian as their Quality Assurance Specialist. They are getting ready to close on a home (stay tuned for photos of their family in front of their new home!) and impatiently awaiting the day they get married.

They are getting married on a Friday at the end of November at St. Hedwig's in South Bend and the reception will be at the beautiful Armory. I'm so excited for this wedding!

#photography #SouthBendPhotographer #SouthwestMichiganPhotographer #EngagementPhotos

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