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Madelyn Reid {Fresh 48 and Lifestyle}

My best friend had her baby!!! You've seen their wedding, you've seen their maternity photos and now they're mom and dad!!! Madelyn is perfect and she was born on January 31st, her due date! I got a chance to visit them in the hospital so I took some photos. Isn't she just so beautiful???

After Brittiany and Jeremy got settled in at home with Madelyn, I went to visit and get some lifestyle photos in her nursery. Let me tell you, I have never seen a more patient mother than Brittiany. She is so attentive to what Madelyn needs and is ever so patient with her - even with being incredibly sleep deprived. Jeremy has certainly fallen in to fatherhood like a pro; changing diapers and taking such great care of Britt. These two adore their little girl so much.

After some much needed time with her momma, Madelyn settled down for a bit and let us get some really beautiful pictures with her eyes open. She was so alert the whole time. OH! I love this baby SO much! I can't wait to watch Britt and Jeremy grow as parents and I'm selfishly very excited to be raising our girls together.

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