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Jess & Daniel

I'm way behind on this post! Better late than never I suppose! I gave birth to our second baby girl on Halloween (I call her my spooky baby) so I have been a bit busier than usual.

I drove up to Jess and Daniel's neck of the woods (Detroit area) and it was possibly the RAINIEST day ever. It rained the entire drive there and back as well as most of the time in between. We wanted to go to a beautiful state park but it ended up just being far too wet to get much of anything done there. We were lucky when we first started and it cleared up just long enough for us to get part of the session done with their adorable pups.

Jess is one of the most driven and smartest women I have ever met. She's a clinical nurse educator and she's worked so hard to get where she is. Daniel is a nurse anesthetist which I find to be incredibly impressive. These two may have pretty serious professions, but they're a lot of fun. They are always going on trips together and they go to a lot of concerts - my kind of people! I've known Jess for a few years now and I knew I loved her to pieces the moment I met her. This was the first time I met Daniel and he felt to me like someone I have also known a long time. I could not be more thrilled for this couple because they are both two of the sweetest people I know and are perfect for each other. I am very much looking forward to their big day next October. I know it will be a day to remember forever.

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