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Alana & Tony {Wedding}

This is probably my favorite wedding I've shot to date. This is actually a few years old but I feel it's very worthy of a blog post. One of my closest friends, Amanda, shot this wedding with me. I love shooting with Amanda because she and I just work so well together. I worked with Alana at the bank for a short time and we hit it off immediately. She's so much fun to be around. Actually, both her and her husband are a lot of fun to be around. They're fun loving people who just like to have a good time. They were singing and dancing the entire time and you could see they were enjoying every minute of their day. This wedding was beautiful and they were such a perfect bride and groom. There's SO many pics in this blog because I really just had a hard time choosing favorites. I can't wait to capture them again - as a family of 4 now <3

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