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45 To Argos

A few weeks ago, I got together with a local band called 45 To Argos to do some photos for them. They wanted some photos to use for promos for gigs coming up this fall. It's funny, I got connected with these guys through the singers mom, because I actually used to babysit him when he was like 4 years old. I took her oldest sons senior photos when I was in college and as soon as she saw I was picking up photography again, she knew she wanted me to shoot the guys photos.

45 To Argos consists of 4 really cool guys; Brandon, David, Deavon and Cromer. They were so nice and didn't act uncomfortable when I asked them to do something ridiculous or when I made a failed attempt at a joke. I asked Brandon for a little history on the band name and this is what he had to say, "the name of the band is from our first practice location. We had another band with another drummer that lived in Argos, IN. It was just the drummer and myself (Brandon) at first, so we recruited our friends to join. The drummer fell through, so we started a new band that needed a new name.We thought since the practice space used to be 45 minutes away, 45 To Argos sounded good and made sense to us." I'm so glad they picked me because I really had a great time working with them and loved editing these photos.

#45ToArgos #localband #SouthBend

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