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K+J {Wedding}

Kristin and I met at when we both worked at the same bank a few years ago. I knew right off the bat that we'd be great friends. We had a lot in common and she's a quirky, creative person. As soon as Justin proposed to Kristin, I immediately offered to do engagement photos and shoot their wedding. They had awesome props for their engagement photos that just represented the two of them perfectly.

Justin worked next door to the bank Kristin worked at and one day Justin decided to ask her out. They've been together for 7 years and have gone from a tiny apartment to buying their own home. Justin proposed at a surprise birthday party for Kristin at their favorite bar called The Brass Eye in Niles, MI and a little more than a year later, here they are, newlyweds!!

Family and friends played a huge part in their wedding day - more so than most weddings I've been to. The officiants were Kristin's best friend's dad (who is a father-like figure to her) and Justin's step dad, the videographer and photographer are both friends of the bride and groom, the ceremony took place at Justin's mom and step dad's house and his mom and family/friends helped cook an amazing brunch for after the ceremony. My favorite detail was during the ceremony, the rings were passed down by each bridesmaid/groomsmen so that every bridesmaid/groomsmen touched the rings before the rings got to Kristin and Justin. All members of their bridal party were incredibly attentive to whatever Kristin and Justin needed at any time. We had a lot of fun goofing off during group shots and the entire day was fun and laid back.

Kristin's dad passed away when she was young. Though he wasn't able to be there, his memory was kept very much alive. Kristin had a locket with his picture in it on her bouquet and we took some photos of her with a photo of her dad on her parents wedding day. Her tattoo on her arm says "keep your chin up" in her dad's handwriting from a letter he wrote to Kristin's mom.





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